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the Carr Center leverages the essence of the African-American cultural experience and the power of the arts to improve the lives of our children and our community. Our vision is to reflect the excitement of Detroit and become a national leader in the production of world-class community-focused arts programming across multiple disciplines.

Your donations help us to do this work … and we thank you for your support. 

Annually serving an average of 25,000 adults and youth, the Carr Center has three core programs: the CarrCenter Presents, the Carr Center Arts Academy, and the Carr Center Artist Hub.

the Carr Center Presents encompasses all of our public performances and exhibits.

Over the past two years two years the Carr Center has produced more than 50 performances ranging from jazz to opera to chamber music to dance. In addition, we have mounted multiple gallery exhibitions and events highlighting two- and three-dimensional work, film, and spoken-word presentations by poets and storytellers.

the Carr Center Artist Hub program allows for reduced rate use of studios, gallery performance and meeting spaces to local, community-based artists  so the can do/make their work.

the Carr Center Arts Academy provides youth with intensive arts education and training, both inside and outside of the classroom in visual arts, music , dance, and musical theater.

Your generous support of our programs will help sustain the Carr Center  while making new opportunities for artists, students, teachers and families possible.

Please consider a 1-time gift, or perhaps a bi-weekly/monthly sustaining gift. Every gift makes a difference.

If you have any questions about your donation, please contact Brenda Terrell, in our Development office. or call 313 965 8430 ext. 1004