Brad Allen Williams

Although known for his surrealistic guitar stylism, Brad Allen Williams describes himself as a “professional listener.” He serves music in many capacities— recording artist, guitarist, composer, producer—and in every role centers absorption, openness, and response. 

An early fascination with improvisation matured into a core musical value that animates collaborations and soloprojects alike, making him one of the most unique and in-demand guitarists in the industry. In his work with artists like Brittany Howard, Bilal, and Nate Smith and Kinfolk, Williams grounds outwardly-bold aesthetic choices in encyclopedic knowledge. 

On his 2023 Colorfield Records release œconomy, he casts himself in productive opposition to his instrument, which he describes as “overleveraged in the last 100 years of popular music.” The mission is at once modest and extremely ambitious: he aspires to reimagine the guitar’s role and function on an atomic level, all while keeping service of music at the center.

Brad Williams will be performing on Saturday April 29th as part of the Ben Williams Showcase, that includes a tribute to Detroit’s Rodney Whitaker.