Coming Up @ The Carr Center

June 1 The Awakening Continues
Carr Center Youth Artist Exhibition opens in the Gallery.
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July 11th Summer Dance Academy
The Carr Center’s two-week Summer Dance Intensive returns
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July 13th Homecoming : Part 1
Celebrating 30 years of visual arts excellence opens in The Carr Center Gallery.
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Rasta Thomas

Dance Master returns to Detroit to lead Debbie Allen Dance Academy this summer

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Something’s Coming

The community gathers to support the continuing work of the Carr Center

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The Carr Center Presents

10 part series featuring Terri Lyne Carrington, Danilo Perez, Patrice Rushen and more… 

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Loving this jazz journey tonight. As real as real can get. 🔥🔥🔥

LockridgeAtLarge, concert attendee,
The Gathering Nonet featuring Patrice Rushen

My goodness! This is the real deal. That young lady (Sequoia Snyder) is smooth on them keys! FIRST CLASS!!!

Melissa Lewis, concert attendee,
The Gathering Nonet featuring Patrice Rushen

My wife, daughter and I completely enjoyed attending the Gathering Orchestra concert held at DSA ; you all did an amazing job, from A to Z! Bravo!!!

Chris Lewis Sr. concert attendee,
The Gathering Nonet featuring Patrice Rushen

 just checked the dictionary for a definition of “heartfelt.” It said, see Patrice Rushen and The Gathering Orchestra Nonet, I swear!

 Don Bates, concert attendee,
The Gathering Nonet featuring Patrice Rushen

Meet the Artist: Patrice Rushen
Meet The Artist: Juanita Anderson
Meet the Artist: Diego Rivera

Who We Are

the Carr Center leverages the essence of the African American cultural experience to inspire, entertain, challenge and educate. It is a place where artists, across all disciplines, and community come together. We accomplish our mission through three core programs:

the Carr Center Contemporary, The Carr Center Arts Academy and the Carr Center Presents….

Our Mission

the Carr Center is devoted to the preservation, presentation, promotion and development of the African and African American cultural arts traditions within our multicultural community.


You cannot touch inspiration but you can feel it. Inspiration is what motivates and drives creativity. Our goal is to inspire creativity in artists, our patrons, and our community through the presentation and teaching of African American cultural arts traditions.


To be entertained is a gift from artists and performers to their audiences.

It is a gift of emotion, joy and inspiration. In every presentation, the Carr Center aims to be a platform for unmerited giving.


Challenging someone builds strength, character and confidence. All of these nouns are essential to nurturing personal growth. The Carr Center challenges and nurtures both artists and audiences, in order to help them grow. 


Education is power. The Carr Center creates opportunities for unique educational experiences in order to preserve African and African American cultural arts traditions and empower future generations to make new traditions their own.