Coming Up @ The Carr Center

February 26  “To Stevie, With Love”
A tribute concert to the musical genius of Stevie Wonder
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April 9 “The Great Jazz Women of Detroit”
Celebrating the legacies of Betty Carter, Aice Coltrane, Dorothy Ashby and more…
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May 21 “A 30th Anniversary Celebration”
World Premiere of NEW Patrice Rushen composition for The Gathering Orchestra Nonet.
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The Awakening Continues

Calling Detroit’s Young Artists… it’s your time to shine!

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Saturday Arts Academy

Free Enrollment is Open for Students, Grades 6-8, throughout Metro Detroit.

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Barry Harris on Jazz at the Center!

Discover the man, his music and his mission…

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Hey Lumumba, Thank you so much for sharing, what a treat!Loved the Interview with Jack, never knew he played the piano. So much history exchanged and the creativity was outstanding!

Rohn Baker,
attended “dUOS & dUETS: Jack DeJohnette & Terri Lyne Carrington

The poetry of Sonia Sanchez – beautifully woven into the language of jazz – calling us to hear the soul – what a gift!

Dr Ramona Hyman,
“dUOS & dUETS : Encore Series:, featuring Terri Lyne Carrington, Danilo Perez plus Sonia Sanchez

Mrs. Madgett taught at Northwestern HS and Eastern Michigan University!
… Yeah, we didn’t know we were in the presence of GREATNESS.

Rosita A. Graham and Chela Dalco Nixon attendees
A Poet’s Poet: Naomi Long Madgett”

“Listening in Harlem. Creativity in the Moment… love it, especially TLC!” 🔥❤”

Karen Kirsch Page,
“dUOS & dUETS : Encore Series:, featuring Terri Lyne Carrington, Danilo Perez plus Sonia Sanchez

“The Carr Center, always open to the world and offering culture to people so far away, like me in Argentina! Best regards 👏🎼😍”

Patricia Motta,
“dUOS & dUETS : Encore Series” featuring Lisa Fischer & Louis Cato

Watching from Binan City, Philippines. This is soooo good! Thank you Carr Center!

Benjie Ijiran
attended “dUOS & dUETS: Jack DeJohnette & Terri Lyne Carrington”

“This is great! So nice to hear you two together. And Jack DeJohnette en bass, yeah, gracias Terri Lyne.”

Armando Cruz,
“dUOS & dUETS : Encore Series” featuring Jack DeJohnette, Terri Lyne Carrinton plus Matt Garrison

“Thornetta, I’ve been a fan since first hearing you at the Scarab Club on stage with the Women of Detroit Blues. That’s been 30 years now. I love you!”

Mabel T. Flowers,
“dUOS & dUETS: Encore Series”, featuring Thornetta Davis

Meet the Artist: Gregoire Maret
Meet The Artist: Michael Mayo
Meet the Artist: Kevin Harris

Who We Are

the Carr Center leverages the essence of the African American cultural experience to inspire, entertain, challenge and educate. It is a place where artists, across all disciplines, and community come together. We accomplish our mission through three core programs:

the Carr Center Contemporary, The Carr Center Arts Academy and the Carr Center Presents….

Our Mission

the Carr Center is devoted to the preservation, presentation, promotion and development of the African and African American cultural arts traditions within our multicultural community.


You cannot touch inspiration but you can feel it. Inspiration is what motivates and drives creativity. Our goal is to inspire creativity in artists, our patrons, and our community through the presentation and teaching of African American cultural arts traditions.


To be entertained is a gift from artists and performers to their audiences.

It is a gift of emotion, joy and inspiration. In every presentation, the Carr Center aims to be a platform for unmerited giving.


Challenging someone builds strength, character and confidence. All of these nouns are essential to nurturing personal growth. The Carr Center challenges and nurtures both artists and audiences, in order to help them grow. 


Education is power. The Carr Center creates opportunities for unique educational experiences in order to preserve African and African American cultural arts traditions and empower future generations to make new traditions their own.