At the Carr Center, volunteers will be a key part of our success…

Whether welcoming patrons before a performance, providing the public with information about the Carr, ushering patrons to their seats, or performing many other vital tasks, our volunteers give the Carr its community identity. As our most visible hosts and hostesses, their primary goal is to make every experience enjoyable and memorable for our guests.

Volunteers are involved in events, participate in activities, receive meaningful assignments, and get recognition for work well done.

We know that, without our dedicated volunteers, the vibrant, warm atmosphere that makes Carr Center events so special would not be possible.

General Requirements

The essential requirements to become a volunteer are an interest and enthusiasm for the performing arts, a willingness to serve all patrons of the Carr Center with care and respect, a high level of congeniality in serving our guests, a professional demeanor, and punctuality in all assignments. Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. Volunteers are needed to serve as performance ushers, education program ushers, and exhibition monitors.

It is the individual’s willingness to serve that makes the volunteer program successful. Your acceptance of volunteering indicates an agreement to fulfill the responsibility for active participation and affirms your support of the principles and ideals of the Carr Center and all its activities.

Become a Volunteer

We would like to hear from any and all in our community who have a strong interest and some time to serve on a volunteer staff for the Carr Center. Those with previous volunteer experience in this field are especially welcome to apply. We will respond to all who inquire.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us via email sarah@thecarrcenter.org  or you can call us directly at 313 634 4852 and leave a message.