Cara Marie Young is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia based in Detroit, Michigan.

Her current interdisciplinary painting practice is an evolving response to the human experience, concerned with issues of race in the American landscape and the reality of life in her own skin. The artist seeks to engage with the community around her, recently exhibiting work at the 101st Michigan House of Representatives in 2022, Olayami Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum and The Feminist Art Museum in 2020. 

She was an exhibiting artist and speaker in the Race Forward Facing Race Conference in Fall 2016 at the Hilton Atlanta and a Dean’s Diversity Fellow at Wayne State University from 2019-21. 

The artist has recently completed her MFA at Wayne State University and is seeking to engage with new opportunities in the future. 

“I am responding to life lived in a black body. With an urge to envision new futures that are inclusive of blackness, I am driven to use a variety of media to reveal and expose black life and contemporary systems seeking to erase their presence and history. Through dissecting the various strands within the cord that connects us all as human beings, the mediums of paint, paper, rope, clay and harvested materials merge to express the social displacement of skin color and the colored boundaries between our communities.”

Cara Marie’s work is included in the current exhibition on display at The Carr Center.