Chantal Heath is a gifted dancer and choreographer who has been a lead teacher at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy for 12 years. She is trained in Tap, Jazz, Ballet , Modern, African, Hip Hop, Swing and Lindy Hop with her favorite genre being Tap. 

“It’s hard to pick a favorite genre because all styles contribute to you being a better all around dancer. I would hands down say Tap Dance because we’re in the musician realm and I can connect with people even if they can’t see. They could feel and hear beautiful and complex rhythms, like that of the drum.”

Among her personal career highlights Chantel includes an invitation, at the age of 17, to perform at the Kremlin in Russia, a revered dance venue where only prima ballerinas at the heights of their careers have been allowed to grace the stage, choreographing the season finale of Fox TV’s  “So You Think You Can Dance” with Nigel Lithgoe and the students of The Debbie Allen Dance Academy and personally dancing in, “All About U,” the last music video ever recorded by Rap icon Tupac Shakur before his untimely passing. 

Chantel’s work will be performed as part of our Summer Dance Showcase on Sunday July 2th at 3pm in the Ford Theater @ DSA, 123 Selden Street in Detroit.