Michelle Cann in Concert

SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2020 8pm

Florence Price: Piano Sonata in E minor Chopin: Ballade No. 3 in A-flat major, Op. 47 Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (solo piano version) . Michelle Cann’s program includes Chopin’s Ballade in A-flat major, the warmest and most lyrical of his four ballades, book-ended by two American works written within a decade of one another, one by a white composer and the other by an African American, but both deeply influenced by African American musical roots. Co-Presented by Chamber Music Society of Detroit, Chamber Music Tulsa, Curtis Institute of Music, and The Carr Center.

Supported by the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, Douglas and Justine Estes, Dumbarton Concerts, and Hartford Symphony Orchestra. For more information, click here.