Dear friends and supporters…
We need your help.

First, thank you for reading our email about the Giving Tuesday Now campaign. This campaign is a global response to the devastating impact that COVID-19  has had on non-profit organizations, including arts organizations, like the Carr Center. 

We have suffered lost wages of our employees, lost income from cancelled concerts and classes, the inability to recoup already accrued production costs and the cancellation of the back half of our season and summer intensives. It has all left the organization exposed and vulnerable. 

From the start of this pandemic the Carr Center made a commitment to  be an artistic lifeline for our community. At least three times every week since this crisis began, we have delivered ongoing virtual arts programming using e-blasts, our website and other social media. 

Programming has included archival concerts, gallery tours, behind the scenes stories of the world class artists who have chosen to work with us, our artistic leadership and inspirational pieces from world-class artists from around the globe. We have done this because we understand the healing power of the arts when a community is struggling, as we have all been for the past two months.

If you have been enjoying our consistent efforts to be a respite in the storm of daily uncertainty we ask that you consider giving today.

Here’s one thing you can do… Buy a ticket! 

No, not an actual ticket, a virtual ticket to coincide with all the virtual programming we have been providing and will continue to provide, at no cost to you, during these difficult days.

Consider the following gifts levels as your way to support our efforts :

A night out for one.. $  30.00

It’s date night … $  60.00

Make it a Double Date… $120.00

If a cash donation is not possible for you at this time. Here’s something else you can do…

Recommend a friend!

Growing and continuing to develop our audience in the absence of LIVE programming could be the biggest challenge we have ever faced.  You can help. If you can think of  friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, people who you have shared something with, people who you know have an appreciation for the arts, please send us their contact information (email address, name, address etc). We will gratefully include them in our database and proudly introduce them to the Carr Center.

We are diligently thinking about what “the new” will be like once the current stay at home order is lifted. We have several innovative and exciting new plans in the works and we promise to be your gateway to the best  African-American arts and the brightest African-American artists for many years to come.

Thank you for your help. Stay safe. We will see you soon!

Oliver Ragsdale, Jr.
The Carr Center