Grails: the Sole and Black Culture

Grails are that to-die-for pair of kicks that simply must be possessed—a coveted duo that completes a collection. Like the medieval legend for which they are named, Grails are much sought after, earnestly pursued, and ever-elusive. Our upcoming exhibit ( opening February 15) takes a look at some popular, coveted, and collected sneakers, examining their historical and cultural significance.

Join the Conversation!

Are you an undercover or live-out-loud sneakerhead? Do you have a story that you would like to share with the exhibition team about a favorite pair of shoes or a coveted model that you never quite got your hands on? Do you have an anecdote or strong memory that is triggered when you think about a certain shoe model?  Do you have insights into the culture of sneakers that you think would make the grails exhibition better?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we want to hear from you! 

Use the recorder below, to create a short audio clip that we can use in our exhibition.


Use the recorder to share your story with us. Think about your memories and experiences with the above makes and models of footwear and develop a short narrative. Press the red button to record. Your audio tales are shared directly with the Carr Center Gallery’s exhibition team.

  1. Please keep your audio/ video recording to under 3 minutes.
  2. You are not required to provide identifying information. Anonymous stories will be accepted.
  3. Please keep it clean. We would like to feature these in our family-friendly exhibition space.
  4. Please state clearly the manufacturer and model of the sneaker that is central to your narrative.
  5. Stories can be personal or call on collective memory.

Become a lender!

Do you have a sneaker collection or just a few pairs of trainers that you would like to see on display in our gallery? Consider becoming a lender. The Carr Center is looking for collectors to help us make this exhibition a success.  Upon review and selection by the exhibition team, you could find your kicks on display!! Visit for more information. Or send a detailed inquiry to