Detroit-bred Jamea Richmond-Edwards graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Art degree from Jackson State University in 2004 where she studied painting and drawing. She went on to earn a MFA from Howard University in 2012. 

Jamea is inspired by the black figures of artist Kerry James Marshall and drawings of Charles White. Her work offers a repertoire of portraits of black women drawn using ink and graphite. Her lionized figures are portrayed in regal poses, with eyes that possess alluring gazes and bodies adored with rich tapestries of color and patterns made of sequins, rhinestones, paper and textiles. 

Richmond-Edwards is an interdisciplinary artist who creates monumental scale assemblages and immersive installations. Invested in exploring the materiality of collage and improvisational gestures, her recent works include self-portraiture that dwells within the realm of imagination and mythos. Born and raised in Detroit, she draws inspiration from her childhood growing up during the crack and AIDS epidemic that created devastating and lasting effects in Black and Indigenous American communities across the US.

Jamea Richmond-Edwards is currently on display in TheCVC (Carr Virtual Center) as part of The Africana Collective.