We Everywhere Exhibition Series
Currently on exhibit in thecarrcenterglobal.org (TheCVC), this bright and beautiful exhibition is a rich and sweeping exploration of Black creativity across geographies, We Everywhere introduces to  some and affirms for others that the African Diaspora is a creative force that impacts artistic and cultural production globally. This Carr Center exhibition series on TheCVC, focuses on emergent and established talents that cross, blend, and sometimes erase the borders between tradition and innovation and challenge assumptions about talent, mastery, the fine arts, and geography.

We Everywhere: Lagos
Artist: Kelani Fatai Oladimeji

With several exhibitions at home and abroad showing his works, Kelani Fatai Oladimeji is an emerging Nigerian artist. He was born and bred in Mushin, a commercial area in Lagos, and, at the age of six, he discovered his passion for drawing and has since worked to create a niche for himself. He is currently a graduate with a Higher National Diploma in Painting. Kelani draws his inspiration and creativity from nature and the environment around him, and he doesn’t fail to interpret their meanings in his paintings. He is a versatile impressionist and realist and usually creates his art according to the story conjured in his mind. He is prolific in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, and charcoal mediums.

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