Detroit-born artist Morgan Bouldes studied photography at Wayne State University and is a recent graduate of Cranbrook Art Academy. Her recent work focuses on her role as an  interdisciplinary artist and an “experience curator,” making immersive, experience-based work.

Presently, her thoughts are heavily centered around the invisible web & connective tissue of Humankind that are shared experience & emotion. Foundationally, her practice is deeply rooted in sharing her personal narrative through experimental storytelling, ancestry and faith and time.  “My goal is to make you feel something – to awake something within you,” Bouldes says. “That could be to spark an old memory or make a connection. I’m really big on connecting fibers between strangers.”  

Recently Morgan ‘s work was recently seen in “ a way of escape: Reflections on Ritualism” at the Carr Virtual Center Galleries and she is currently working one of the artists we are presenting as part of Art Mile Detroit 2021

In the fall, she will be pursuing a teaching fellowship at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.

IG @MorganChandlerBouldes