At The Carr Center, how we do it is just as important as what we do, which is why we’re committed to ensuring that all forms of artmaking are as sustainable and as accessible as possible for artists and audiences.

For our new season, we’re throwing our doors wide open! For every show this season, name your price and “PAY WHAT YOU CAN! ”

Select your price point from the wide range of prices being offered when you purchase your tickets, then select the corresponding number of tickets you want and you’ll be all set!

With “PAY WHAT YOU CAN” tickets, we provide a wide range of ticket prices from $5 – $100.

The Carr Center does not charge any fees, but our credit card and ticketing processors do. These fees go directly to our processing partners; we do not set the amount of these fees or keep any of these funds.

While we would love to offer you the ability to write-in any amount you’d like for a ticket, our ticketing platform does not currently support this option and so we offer a wide range of ticket prices to ensure that the work of The Carr Center is available to everyone.

We will be serving up a multitude of innovative, exciting, world-class performances, and making it easier than ever for you to be a part of the experience. So, visit The Carr Center as often as you can – because what’s ours is yours!

This new “PAY WHAT YOU CAN” initiative is rooted in our mission to keep talented, surprising and promising artists available and accessible to our audiences today, and to the next generation of performance goers! 

We hope you join us and bring some people with you (we like busses!).