Ricky Weaver

Ricky Weaver  is a Michigan based visual artist and photographer. During her undergraduate studies at Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI) she became enveloped in the idea of a “double-consciousness”. She has created images and pieces based on personal experiences hoping to generate a greater dialogue concerning race and gender. As a mother of three herself, she has come to connect intimately with the mothers that raised her and she is interested in the shared narratives that exist within her community of black mothers. Her work is evolving into a more interdisciplinary media while functioning in a similar realm of thematic concerns.

In a published statement she said, “In this new body of work I have begun photographing intimate fragments of a psychological space that I imagine exist between the taking off and putting on of a code. This body of work explores the inherited collateral damage of using codes to navigate the perpetual wilderness of white supremacy and patriarchy at the intersection of being a black woman.

Ricky Weaver is a member of the Carr Center’s 2018–2019 Independent Scholars Fellowship Program and her work is currently included in, “Beyond Space”, the inaugural art exhibit of the NEW Carr Center Contemporary Gallery @ the Park Shelton.

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Email: rickyweaverstudio.gmail


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