The Carr Virtual Center Galleries

If you haven’t had the chance to visit The Carr Center Gallery in person, you can still experience “We’re A Wonder” featuring the works of Ervin A. Johnson, Jamea Richmond-Edwards and Olivier Souffrant, inside the Carr Virtual Center as part of our Africana Collective.

The Africana Collective for Black Art and Visual Culture is housed inside of our interactive virtual gallery of. The Collective contains carefully curated works of art by Black artists. Our innovative curatorial and collection model holds space for Black artists despite a historical exclusion from mainstream and legacy institutions. The Africana Collective, a Carr Center initiative, shows that Black lives not only matter, but are needed, worthy, and critical to the very fabric of American life.

About the Artists:

Ervin A. Johnson

Jamea Richmond-Edwards

Olivier Souffrrant