The Carr Center Gallery

Homecoming Part 1 , celebrates the visual artists from around the world who have called The Carr Center a studio, classroom, exhibition hall, or home.

After 30 years of robust Detroit-centered and nationally recognized visual arts programming, The Carr Center’s family of visual artists is vast, diverse, and exceedingly talented. It is only fitting that the “home for the Arts in Detroit” calls on its family to celebrate not only the accomplishment of 30 years of excellence but the accomplishments of those who have made those 30 years excellent.

Ths exhibition includes visual artists, both adults and youth exhibitors, and former students of the arts academy program who have continued their practice, to submit their work for this stunning retrospective.

The July 13th exhibition is part 1 of a 2 – part series, curated by Lina Stephens and continues through September 10th. Featured artists in Part 1 include Sabrina Nelson, Kimberly Harden, Steven Mealy, Tristan Slade, Tony Shopinski, Jacqueline Edwards Lane, Crystal Woodard and Pamela Alexander

Curator, Lina Stephens, had this to say about this historic exhibition.

“The exhibition is an excellent representation of the cross-section of artists who have been viewed at The Carr Center over the years and the variety of media, techniques and themes they were exploring. We hope our audience will be just as excited to view this historic exhibition as we are to present it.”

Part 2 will open on September 28th and run through November 26th.