The Carr Center Gallery

15 E. Kirby Street (inside The Park Shelton)
Gallery Hours: Wednesday- Saturday, NOON – 5pm

A mid-career retrospective of gifted Detroit painter, mixed media, muralist and tattoo artist, Jason Philips. Covid-19 protocols are enforced  when visiting the physical gallery (see below)

Jason Philips is a gifted Detroit painter, mixed media artist, muralist and tattoo artist. Phillips creates artwork that reflects the African American cultural experience. His artwork chronicles the intersection of beauty and struggle.

Curator, Chelsea A. Flowers, said this about the expansive exhibition:

As we’ve heard time and time again, “Blackness isn’t a monolith.” And when we get to tell our own stories we get to show the multifaceted nature of Blackness. While we as Black people may have similar experiences of home, community, and the manners in which we navigate the world; we are still complex, multifaceted individuals.

Central to the context and representation of Jason Philips’ work, these multilayered narratives of Blackness are portrayed. The exhibition, Multifaceted: A Retrospective of Work by Jason Philips, reflects a series of multidisciplinary fine art, illustration tattoo work, and social entrepreneurial endeavors that spans nearly two decades. Utilizing canvas, city streets, and even the human body; Philips’ work shares with the world various intersectional stories and experiences of Black people.

In showing the beauty of Black identity he also portrays unfortunate and at times heartbreaking realities of Black identity through social and political critique. Through symbolism in figurative and abstract paintings, illustration, and tattoo work; Philips genuinely creates vignettes of worlds for his audience to empathize, explore and engage with.

Jason Philips earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University. He is owner of the Detroit Ink Spot Tattoo Studio and Co-founder of the Black Tattoo Art & Music Expo. Phillips’ work has been shown nationally in galleries and museums.

PLEASE NOTE: We strictly observe a number of safety protocols in order to visit the gallery. Proof of vaccination and masks are required inside the gallery, as are social distancing and registration for timed tickets. For a complete listing of all our COVID-19 protocols please visit our website: