The In Between: A Conversation with Cameron Granger & Adee Roberson

Join us on May 15th at 5 PM EST, for a dialogue with two of the exhibiting artists of the current exhibition in the Carr Virtual Center, The In Between.. Cameron Granger and Adee Roberson will discuss their work and the overall condition of their creative practice during a pandemic, with the curator of the exhibition, Chelsea A. Flowers

Visit to see the exhibition itself.

This conversation will delve into their practices, processes and answers the question “what did the pandemic mean to your artistic practice?” Adee Roberson is West Palm Beach, Florida. Her work is a meditation on symbolism and texture. In the form of performance and installation, her work melds vibration and technicolor visions through paintings, video, and melodic compositions. These works offer a refracted timeline of black diasporic movement, weaving sonic and familial archives, with landscape, rhythm, and spirit.

Cameron A. Granger came up in Cleveland, Ohio alongside his mother, Sandra, inheriting both her love of soul music, and habit of apologizing too much. A video artist he uses his work to reconcile his state as an individual shaped by and existing in American history, its media, and all of its associated violence.