Viktor L. Ewing-Givens

Viktor L. Ewing Givens is a found object-performance based installation artist who gathers ancestral objects in order to activate spaces for site-specific rituals. Through the accumulation of these rich cultural materials, he creates spaces that act as temples: temples of resistance, temples of the temporal, temples of anthropological speculation and temples for the activation of memory in relation to African American cultural/spiritual retentions and continuities.

Viktor is currently based in Chicago where he studies Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia Colle.

Viktor wrote the following about his ritual work in performance art…

Ritual, if done well, is magic

Ritual theater, if done well, is magical

Ritual, if done well, can help you achieve your goals

Ritual theater, if done well, can remind you of your past and/or provide catharsis for the present

Ritual, if done well, is designed to change your future

Ritual theater, if done well, is designed to change you

Viktor L. Ewing-Givens is a member of the Carr Center’s 2018–2019 Independent Scholars Fellowship Program and his work is currently included in, “Beyond Space”, the inaugural art exhibit of the NEW Carr Center Contemporary Gallery @ the Park Shelton.



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